You can now Do all your valuable Journaling when you look at the Cloud with JournalLife on the web

You can now Do all your valuable Journaling when you look at the Cloud with JournalLife on the web

Our revolutionary, interactive and inspiring journal software now in 2 platforms.

Our quite popular, award-winning Windows-based journal software and now the new JournalLife. On line, when you look at the cloud solution, so that you bring your diary wherever you go and journal when on the go.

JournalLife is award-winning log pc software to publish, mirror and review your record firmly and independently. Include level and brand new point of view to your journaling. JournalLife is simple, yet advanced record software, produced by long-time log authors and supported by diary practitioners, best-selling writers, and scholastic scientists globally.

Each JournalLife answer was made to inspire and motivate you to often write more and much more profoundly, to state your self completely, to enhance your point of view, and also to see your self much much much more obviously.

Journaling helps you will be making feeling of everything, working for you notice connections, gain insight, and view life habits. With JournalLife resources you’ll combine the creative art therefore the technology of record writing. Indicators will be noticeable through the sound you will ever have. JournalLife could be the place that is perfect hear yourself believe, to be controlled by your very own life becoming resided.


  • Readily available from any internet web internet internet browser
  • Works on Mac, PC, iPad as well as other pills
  • Accessories concentrate your composing
  • Data secure and encrypted within the cloud
  • Just $27 per year
  • Free trial offer with 15 entries


  • Installs and works on any Microsoft Windows computer systems
  • Journal information spared firmly on neighborhood drive
  • Add-Ons to concentrate your composing
  • Customizable to mirror your daily life
  • $49.95 with permit for approximately 3 computer systems
  • Free trial offer with 15 entries

Great things about a Journal

Besides becoming liberating and profoundly gratifying, it really is impressive how a great many other advantages you will find to maintaining a log.

The main topic of results of current clinical analysis demonstrates the effectiveness of expressive writing.

Exciting Journal Add-Ons

Modify your diary with Add-Ons! Each Add-On for JournalLife is created by a specialist inside the or her area, effortlessly getting section of your JournalLife. You can find currently eight accessories, each composed of dozens of Prompts, hundreds of chosen Quotes, 50 guidelines, Extra Topics when you look at the Topics check check List, and recommended frequent Pulse Scales and Journal Notebooks.

Write Independently and Firmly

If you should be worried some one might learn your personal ideas, thoughts, or task secrets, JournalLife Online’s code security and encryption guarantees your data is safe. Constantly shield your password and username. JournalLife is going to do the others protecting your log with all the highest-level AES-256 encryption. The level that is same of utilized by NASA, banking institutions, together with army. Just you have access to your record. No body you could access your record. It’s that secure.

Turnitin: The Originality Report


University guidelines which help: (all back back back links in this listing available in a window that is new

Utilize proper citing and referencing to recognize their particular re re sources (all back back back links will start in a unique screen):

Fast Notes

  1. The circulation of text suits is much more essential as compared to total similarity list price.
  2. Seek out obstructs of matching text – where the majority of a phrase or section is matching (even though a couple of words don’t match).
  3. Tiny matches such as for example in-text citations or brief terms that are technical typically appropriate.
  4. Generally speaking you can easily disregard showcased text through the sections that are following
  • The guide record or bibliography of one’s project.
  • Quotations and block quotations which are precisely discussed and cited in the text.
  • Assignment games and tables of articles.

Test report

Go through the blue plus icons for more information on the Turnitin comments studio software.

So what does this report indicate?

Projects submitted to Turnitin produce an Originality Report. This report may be the results of an assessment between your text within the project and a selection of re re sources including website pages, journals, and tasks previously posted to Turnitin. Any coordinating or extremely comparable text discovered is highlighted within the Originality Report.

Similarity doesn’t always imply that you have got plagiarised. The Originality Report demonstrates that your project includes expressions or phrases that can be found in another work. To prevent appearing to own plagiarised, you ought to check always if the highlighted parts in your report tend to be straight copied coming from a origin or contains sentences that are poorly paraphrased.

Quoting precisely: In the event that highlighted text is an immediate estimate through the initial source, enclose it with quote scars and can include a correctly reference that is write my essay for me formatted. In certain referencing platforms, more information also needs to be supplied with direct quotations, such as for instance page or section figures through the source that is original.

extra information about referencing platforms can be bought regarding the Citing and Referencing guide that is library .

Paraphrasing correctly: Paraphrasing properly indicates showing tips is likely to terms as well as your very very own syntax, while nonetheless including a proper research. A typical example of bad paraphrasing would be to duplicate phrases through the origin you need to include all of all of them in superficial changes to your paper, such as for example changing some terms into the sentence with synonyms. This might result in plagiarism that is unintentional as changing terms will not make anything initial. Rather you really need to concentrate on the concept provided when you look at the resource and current that concept in your words that are own syntax in your writing, remembering to add a guide into the supply.

Note: if you are using assistive technologies and also have difficulty making use of Turnitin or opening your similarity report, please speak to your lecturer or impairment solutions .