Motte (58), founder of the Love Parade, likes to have it quiet in his private life

Motte (58), founder of the Love Parade, likes to have it quiet in his private life

According to the police, the body has probably been lying there for a long time.

The police arrested the 45-year-old tenant of the apartment. He is now to be brought before a judge. The relationship between the two men is currently being checked.

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Both the identity and cause of death investigations continued, officials said.

Sources used: dpa news agency, Hamburg police report

A fatal accident occurred in Wolfsburg. A man lost control of his vehicle and rolled over several times. The identity of the dead is still unclear.

A driver had a fatal accident in Wolfsburg on Sunday evening. According to the first findings of the police, he had drifted off the road with his car for an unexplained cause. 

As the police announced, the man was driving his Seat Ateca on Kreisstraße 111 from Barnstorf towards Hehlingen at around 6.30 p.m. when the accident occurred. The car drove through a ditch, rolled over several times and stayed on the roof, they say. 

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The vehicle was completely damaged. The damage amounted to 25,000 euros. The Seat was towed away. The identity of the driver has not yet been clarified.

Sources used: Wolfsburg police: press release from June 5, 2020 with material from the dpa news agency

The Jahn Stadium will initially remain closed for sports operations. “The operating license for the large stadium in the Jahn-Sportpark expired on June 30th. A new license has not yet been received,” said a spokesman for the sports administration of the German press agency on Friday. The aim is to extend the large stadium in the Jahn-Sportpark for six months before the arena, which was built in 1951, is to give way to a modern new building from the beginning of next year, which meets all the requirements.

The spokesman for the sports administration emphasized that due to the lack of an operating permit, “any sport and event operation in the stadium is currently not possible”. “This condition will continue until the fire protection examiner has approved. We cannot say from here whether and when it will come,” said the spokesman. The regional soccer team BFC Dynamo and VSG Altglienicke play their home games in the stadium.

The Berlin SPD wants to clarify important personal details for the election year 2021 by the end of the year. The top candidate for the House of Representatives election is to be elected at a party congress on December 19 and the top candidate for the Bundestag election at a representative assembly on the same kill a mockingbird theme essay example The SPD state executive agreed on this unanimously, as the German press agency learned from party circles on Friday.

Federal Family Minister Franziska Giffey has the best prospects for the top candidacy in the state. She will initially be elected SPD state chairman at a party conference on October 31, together with parliamentary group leader Raed Saleh. This has been agreed with the previous party leader Michael Müller, who in turn is expected to remain governing mayor until the end of the legislative period. Those involved have not yet made any statements on other personnel issues.

Recently, it was speculated whether Müller, in view of the increased approval ratings due to his actions in the Corona crisis, wanted to stay longer in the Rotes Rathaus and again as a top candidate. At the same time, he is said to be moving to the Bundestag and wanting to run for number one on this list. Here he would compete with the Juso federal chairman Kevin Kühnert.

Müller has not said anything about any of this so far. In several interviews, he recently only announced that he wanted to continue doing politics at the age of 55.

So far, there have also been voices in the Berlin SPD that suggested that the personnel issues be clarified by May 2021 – around four months before the election. According to reports, Giffey and Saleh campaigned for an earlier point in time so that the party could start the important election year as one. After that, they could also prepare for the election in a targeted manner, it said.

The background to the internal party debates is the long difficult situation of the SPD, which has governed Berlin since 2016 together with the Left and the Greens. While it was still the strongest party at the time, it has only been in third or fourth place for many months. The turning point, so the hope of many in the party, should bring Strahlefrau Giffey, who was district mayor of Neukölln until 2018.

At the moment of huge disappointment, Uwe Rösler would have loved to keep fighting. But the game was lost. Fortuna Düsseldorf has to start the bitter step into the 2nd division after an extremely frustrating Bundesliga final. And since Rösler had no other choice, he promised with a touch of defiance: “I still have one year of contract, I’m looking forward to the task of being able to make amends.” At 1. FC Union Berlin, Rösler’s team had gambled away their better starting position compared to Werder Bremen with a much too fearful appearance and slipped to 17th place in the table with the 0: 3 (0: 1).

Rösler was already on his way to the cellar of the old forester’s house with his head hanging. He felt an “uncanny emptiness”, said the 51-year-old later. Then the coach turned around again and comforted his relegation players who were sadly crouching on the grass. Former Bremen-based Anthony Ujah (26th minute), Christian Gentner (54th) and Suleiman Abdullahi (89th) scored the goals for the iron on Saturday in the stadium An der Alte Försterei, who celebrated a conciliatory end to the season after having already been in class on points even caught up with local rivals Hertha BSC.

All that remained for Düsseldorf was frustration. After a season with many missed opportunities, the sixth course in the 2nd Bundesliga is due. As in the last crash seven years ago, Fortuna only slipped to a direct relegation zone on the last day of the game. Two points and four goals ahead of Werder were not enough this time to defend at least the relegation rank.

“That is a real low blow. We had planned so much. Today it was too little,” said board member Uwe Klein. “We have left it behind in the last few weeks and months, not just today. To say now that it is undeserved does not help either. The fact that the nerves are not quite stable in the situation is human,” said Kaan Ayhan. At least Rösler was already looking ahead and ruled out resigning: “We all need the days gap. We now know where we are. We have to put together a new team now. There will be a change.”

On paper brave with a three-way attack around Torgarant Rouwen Hennings and the ex-Unioner Steven Skrzybski alongside Kenan Karaman, Düsseldorf entered. The fear of falling was quickly palpable. Erik Thommy played a free kick from the half-field back towards his own goal early. Hennings, posted in the opposing penalty area, obviously didn’t like it at all. The first goal approach came with a header from Ayhan (12th), which Gentner fended off with a header one meter in front of the line. Karaman’s spooned shot (16th) missed the goal. Overall, however, there was a lack of determination.

Fortuna then had to learn bitterly how effective Union can be with standards. A shot by Joshua Mees after a corner was directed by the well-positioned Ujah through the legs of Fortuna goalkeeper Florian Kastenmeier to lead into the goal. Another bad luck of the guests: Mathias Jörgensen injured himself in the scene in a duel with Keven Schlotterbeck. André Hoffmann moved into the defense for him.

Union – again loudly cheered on by numerous fans from outside the stadium – then reduced its own offensive actions. Düsseldorf could not play a single dangerous goal opportunity from the excess weight by half time.

Rösler only wanted to know the result from Bremen at half time, he said before the game. The news of the 3-0 at the Weser in the meantime was difficult to cope with for Fortuna. Now you were in a relegation zone. And the game went on in the same manner. Düsseldorf was technically and playfully superior, but not consistently in the penalty area.

Union is completely different. Gentner used the first chance in the second section after an Ayhan mistake to make it 2-0. Düsseldorf did not recover from this blow in the neck, even if Fortuna increased the pressure again in the final spurt and came up with some chances. Hennings wasn’t lucky either, Markus Suttner (69th) just hit the crossbar seconds later. Unlike Abdullahi for Union, who made the final score with his first Bundesliga goal.

The Berlin districts are stepping up their efforts to protect the climate. In the meantime, eleven out of twelve have hired or planned an air conditioning manager – in the previous year that was only the case in five districts. The only thing left to do with the creation of such a coordination office is Treptow-Köpenick, as is evident from a response from the environmental administration to a parliamentary request from the Green MP Georg Kössler, which the German Press Agency has received.

Accordingly, spending on climate protection projects is also increasing. This year, the districts called 554,000 euros from the Berlin Energy and Climate Protection Program (BEK). That was almost two thirds more than in 2019, when 336,000 euros flowed.

“Berlin can only become climate-neutral with fit districts,” said Kössler, who is the climate and environmental policy spokesman for the Green parliamentary group in the House of Representatives, of the dpa. “More than 500,000 euros BEK funding and a climate protection manager in almost every district show that climate protection is finally arriving in Berlin’s structures and that Fridays for Future has worked.” However, nobody should rest on it. “We have to put climate protection managers in law for the districts,” demanded Kössler. “The Senate should take this into account in its amendment to the Energy Transition Act.”

There are many ways to ensure more climate protection at the local level. This includes mobility concepts, the implementation of higher energy standards, for example in schools, more parking spaces and rental stations for bicycles, new lighting systems for public buildings and advice.

Some parks in the capital seem to be sinking in the garbage at the moment: The “wirBerlin” initiative wants to change that and is bringing out a park etiquette. It contains eight rules in six languages ​​on how the parks can be kept clean: “Parks and banks are not rubbish dumps, but places of relaxation for ALL of us. Leave them so that the next ones feel comfortable too!” The etiquette is pocket-sized and will be distributed in Berlin parks in the coming weeks. Initially, 5000 copies were printed, said project manager Sebastian Weise.

The etiquette should be presented today in the Hasenheide with the Neukölln mayor Martin Hikel (SPD). In the district, the situation was particularly bad in the first half of the year: about twice as much garbage was recorded in green areas as in the previous year, said the district office on dpa request. But other inner-city districts also reported increased amounts of waste.

The “wirBerlin” initiative, founded in 2011, is committed to sustainable urban development. Again and again she calls for joint garbage collection and clean-up campaigns and campaigns for clean waters in Berlin.

Berlin (dpa) – Dr. Motte (58), founder of the Love Parade, likes to have it quiet in his private life. “Actually, I have so much music to do the whole time that I’m happy when I don’t need to listen to music,” said the Berlin DJ of the German press agency.

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30 years ago, on July 1, 1989, Dr. Motte the Love Parade, back then with only 150 participants. The parade developed into a millionaire spectacle in the 90s, was later sold to a fitness studio chain and moved to the Ruhr area. Since the deadly mass panic in Duisburg in 2010, the Techno-Fest has not taken place. The rights holder always emphasized that there would never be another Love Parade.

The founder Dr. Motte is not so absolute there. He knows the question of a new edition in Berlin, where you have experience with major events. But he says it would be a huge effort, and there is also the question of how to finance it at all. “It would be nice if it worked. But I don’t see it at the moment.”


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“If I can still see that …”

“If you wanted to do that now, you first need an idea,” said Dr. Moth. The idea has to be converted into a concept that then has to be structurally developed. Then it takes a lot of discussions with all kinds of authorities, clubs and DJs.