But only if you book a frequent surfer data tariff.

But only if you book a frequent surfer data tariff.

Telephoning, listening to music or isolating yourself from the outside world: You need headphones like the Sony WH-1000XM3 with noise-canceling. The eavesdroppers are cheaper on Black Friday. The iPhone SE has been the cheap alternative to the top smartphones from Apple for years. The successor of the same name came on the market in 2020.

For Black Friday, many retailers are offering the little iPhone brother at a special price. A smartwatch is a fashion accessory, fitness tracker or communication device. There are almost no limits to the design and number of functions. We present the most popular smartwatches for less than 300 euros.

Good and slim notebooks for the mobile office are not only made by Apple. Microsoft lures with its Surface devices. The Surface 3 with 13.5-inch screen is available cheaply for Cyber ​​Week.

Is the deal worth it? This year the Google Nest series came onto the market. This replaces the four-year-old devices from Google Home. For everyone who wants to update their smart home, the Black Friday deals come in handy.

But are the offers real bargains? Good sound with small WiFi boxes? That works. At tink there are two Sonos One pairs in Black Week. The speakers are great, but is the price right?

And are there any cheaper alternatives? The Galaxy Buds + wireless in-ear headphones are currently reduced at Saturn – and cost 67.26 euros in Black Week. The plugs have never been cheaper. We took a closer look at the deal. As part of Black Week, Saturn is offering the Huawei P30 Lite New Edition for 179.36 euros.

This is currently the lowest price for the China cell phone. Is the deal worth it? Media Markt smoothly replaces Black Friday with Black Friday Weekend and the following week. The dealer will deliver further offers until December 6th. Since the appearance of the Samsung Galaxy S20 in February, the prices for the previous model S10 have already fallen significantly.

Just in time for Black Week, the premium model Samsung Galaxy S10 + also reached a new record price. But is this deal worth it? A video doorbell offers added security, as hood owners can see immediately who is at the door. This smart home gadget is becoming more and more popular. But is it worth buying the Ring Video 3? If you are toying with a PlayStation Plus Card, you can now get a reduced annual subscription from Saturn.

Gamers and everyone who wants to become one can save up to 23 percent on this Black Friday deal. PlayStation equipment is also currently on offer. Wear OS is the Google operating system for smartwatches. It is now also found in many smart watches from traditional watch brands. We present the most interesting models.

The new 5G mobile communications standard is increasingly replacing the LTE network in Germany.college application biology essay writing service The upgrade is in full swing. So far, the prices for end devices have been very high.

Is that still the case? This smart loudspeaker is the latest release in the “” Google Nest “” series and is currently available as a set at tink for a low price. Should you strike now or are there better alternatives? The Moto G Pro is a mid-range phone. It competes with the much more expensive upper class in at least one point: It has a pen on board.

The Motorola is particularly cheap in the Black Friday sale. Memory cards in the form of SD and microSD cards are mainly used in smartphones, tablets and cameras. Prices have been falling for years. But how good is this deal from Otto?

The smart lighting system from Philips is a pioneer in the smart home – and quite versatile. For Black Week, Saturn has an offer for beginners: the starter kit for around 75 euros. Even days before Black Friday, a number of retailers are luring with smartwatch offers.

What good are the early deals for fans of smart watches? We looked at the Black Friday situation at the major online stores. A modern weather station not only collects data, it can also react to it. We show what the currently reduced weather station set from Netatmo can do – and whether the offer is worthwhile. With the Nest Mini, Google has released the successor to the compact Google Home Assistant after two years.

On Black Friday, prices drop to a record low. Is the Google Nest Mini worth it in a double pack, or are there better alternatives? These erotic advent calendars ensure particularly sensual hours thanks to a large number of love toys and other products that contribute to a fiery love life. So if you want to try something new in the bedroom, be sure to take a closer look at these specimens. Although only on 27.

November is Black Friday, there are already considerable smart home bargains to warm up. We show the currently most interesting offers from retailers such as tink and Amazon. Saturn continues Black Friday. During Cyber ​​Week, the retailer will cut VAT on many products.

On the Cyber ​​Weekend after Black Friday, Ebay has great deals. Televisions, computers, clothing and more are reduced by up to 50 percent. Here are the price hits of the day. Not only technology, fashion and housewares are reduced on Black Friday. The mobile phone providers also give discounts on tariffs.

Mobilcom-Debitel is already getting started with two flat rate offers – the tariff check! Finding the right bra size is apparently a science in itself. According to studies, 80 percent of women wear the wrong cup size, but now a new type of brassiere should make long trying on and trying out superfluous – thanks to a special support system without underwire. Yes, white sneakers are chic – but unfortunately also very fragile.

Especially in autumn and winter, the color changes quickly to greyish, because puddles have to be crossed all the time. But what do you do when your favorite shoes don’t shine as white as they did on the first day? With these tips, your shoes will look like new again quickly.

It is not for nothing that autumn and winter are called the “” dark season “”. The number of hours of sunshine falls, and after a certain time the constant lack of light affects us – listlessness and fatigue are the result. Doctors even speak of a “” seasonally dependent depression “” (SAD for short). One remedy for this is what is known as light therapy with special lamps and tools.

They are now an integral part of our everyday lives and almost omnipresent: protective masks to contain the corona pandemic. Some are made of fabric, others of more or less dense paper. Experts repeatedly point out that there are big differences in terms of the protective effect. We introduce the most important types of protective masks.

If you are looking for advent calendars aside from chocolate, you will come across very price-intensive ones. These luxury calendars are not for those on a budget. But is the investment even worth it? For a long time you only saw them at flea markets, now they are in demand again: instant cameras.

Which ones can do what and which ones do particularly well in tests? We got an overview. A vacuum cleaner is essential for a clean household. Most households clean several times a week. Anyone who has an unsuitable vacuum cleaner model at home will curse house cleaning in the long run.

Is it better to use a cordless vacuum cleaner or perhaps a vacuum robot? Which surfaces should the device clean? We show what to consider. The video call hangs constantly, websites load forever and series streaming is a disaster?

According to the Federal Network Agency, almost every fourth user surfs less than half as fast as contractually agreed with the Internet provider. But the provider is not always to blame – sometimes the problem is related to the router and other devices. What can slow down WiFi and how it gets going again. Because of its light and ultra-flat design, the MacBook Air is pretty popular. But like most Apple products, it’s not exactly cheap.

That could change with this € 300 deal. But only if you book a frequent surfing data tariff. The notebook normally costs just under 1,000 euros. Is there a catch? House cleaning is sometimes a chore and not everyone’s cup of tea.

Vacuum robots should relieve their owners of unpleasant work – autonomously, inconspicuously and thoroughly. But does it work? Tests show that not every dust eater is convincing. Fitness studios are also affected by the “lockdown light” – in order to contain the spread of the corona pandemic, gyms across Germany will remain closed. Until the end of November.

For now. Fitness fans have to reschedule and train at home for longer periods of time. We show which tools are particularly recommended for this. Many publishers are now bringing top games onto the market because the holiday shopping season is slow.

All gamers who would like to give themselves presents before the festival starts are well prepared for rainy autumn days. We show which video games are particularly worthwhile in November. Millions of people regularly suffer from sleep problems. Internal restlessness or stress at work can be reasons why someone finds it difficult to sleep.

There are now countless products that are supposed to ensure that we can relax better and wake up refreshed in the morning. But do they really work? We took a closer look at some tools. According to information from the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA), just over 80 percent of accidents with babies and toddlers between the ages of one and two years occur in the parents’ household. We take a look at the greatest sources of danger in the home – and at products that defuse them.

The gin and whiskey business Co. is booming and there is no end in sight. No wonder that large traders are trying to take advantage of the trend. Amazon has now launched a special advent calendar for adults on the market, filled with “” premium spirits “”, as it says in the product description. A full-bodied promise. We asked Mohammad Nazzal whether the drinks on the calendar were not only high proof but also of high quality.

KitchenAid products are very popular with cooking fans. And rightly so, because Artisan’s kitchen machines combine many functions in one device. Ebay lures you to Singles Day with a 40 percent discount on kitchen appliances, including the limited anniversary model KitchenAid Artisan 5KSM180HESD.

Ebay is part of Singles Day. Today there are numerous discount campaigns, offers and bargains around the world around the clock – and Ebay is involved. With a 20 percent voucher, you can get hold of some selected products for less today.

Here are the top deals from Ebay. On today’s Singles Day, the world’s best-selling shopping day, the electronics discounter Saturn and Media Markt are offering a 15 percent discount on many Samsung smartphones available in the online shop. Are the offers worthwhile?

On Singles Day, shops offer huge discounts, sometimes even on the entire range. We show who is participating and where the best discounts are available. Here is the most important information about the bargain campaign. In addition to Black Friday, Singles Day is also a guarantee for good offers. Technology, clothing, housewares and more hike on 11/11. sometimes significantly cheaper over the virtual counter.

If you want to buy a Nintendo Switch Lite, today you have a good opportunity: The small console is available from Media Markt at an exciting price. In October, Apple launched new phones with the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. The iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max will follow on November 13th. With the new models, the prices for the iPhone 11 and iPhone SE will automatically drop.

On today’s Singles Day, the price even fell to a record level. Here is the info! On Singles Day, Otto shines with a strong offer: The Apple AirPods are available from the mail order company at a low of 111 euros. Apple’s AirPods have never been so cheap.

With this deal Otto puts its competitors in the shade – except for one. Singles Day brings us more and more products at top prices during the day – now the AVM FritzBox 7590 is causing a surprise. The router is available from two retailers at a great price. When you think of tablets, you immediately think of the iPad. Even if Apple devices usually perform extremely well in tests in terms of quality and comfort, there are still some disadvantages.

For example, the memory of the devices cannot be expanded. Android tablets are an alternative. But which iPad rivals offer the best performance package?

The trends in men’s fashion allow more than ever when it comes to shirts. Refined cuts, textured fabrics and bright colors ensure a stylish appearance in the office and afterwards. Whether in a simple business look or as a casual version for the home office.

We show which shirts are used to make a stylish appearance both in the office and in everyday life. During the Corona crisis, Apple Pay quickly developed into one of the most popular payment services. Instead of searching through their wallets for the right change or stressed out fumbling with the card from the compartment, more and more people are simply using their iPhone or smartwatch to pay. In the past few weeks, more and more places in Germany have been declared risk areas, and things are no different abroad either. But what happens to existing travel and hotel bookings if the trip cannot be started or has to be canceled due to travel warnings or quarantine?

We show what insurance pays and what advantages it has if the booking was made with a credit card. There are credit cards a dime a dozen. Some providers therefore try to set themselves apart from the competition with additional services. American Express and the MilesMore credit cards, for example, lure with bonus point systems, but have a monthly basic fee.

We show the most interesting credit cards with additional services and give tips on how to get the most out of the cards. Who doesn’t like to sweeten the run-up to Christmas with a few great surprises? They are hidden in advent calendars for adults. You can find out here which of the specimens are particularly popular with men this year.

International air traffic has been severely restricted as a result of the corona pandemic. Of course, this also has consequences for collectors of bonus miles, but the airlines allow status extensions. We show how the bonus miles programs have positioned themselves.

Board games are again in great demand. Whether card game or board game – this form of pastime is booming during the pandemic.