Best Riding Lawn Mower Buyers Guide 2020

If your yard has many tight spots and passages, probably the largest mower is not for you. Turning radius is measured in inches, the smaller the number the more maneuverability the mower offers. If maneuverability is the key criteria for you, we suggest taking a look at zero turn mowers. You have to take into account size and the layout of your yard. Is it level and flat or are there some undulations which would require a good motor to go over in key spots? Are there gardens or fences on the side which would necessitate a need for a more maneuverable tractor?

Putting down a large sum of money for a riding mower is reasonable and even expected. Top brand name types such as Snapper, Poulan, Craftsman, and Toro do not come cheap. If you have obstacles around your yard, a tractor that can make tight turns is more desirable. A zero-turn radius mower could be ideal, but these are priced higher than others. Figure out how important handling is by taking a good look at the layout of your lawn.

The Best Craftsman Lawn Mower For 2020

The foot-operated hydrostatic transmission to change speed and direction with safety. The foot-pedal assist deck lift makes changing the mower height easy and safe. The 26 HP Kohler engine provides reliable startups and a speed of 6.5 miles per hour. There is a patent-pending parking brake rear engine rider mower reviews system that will automatically activate or deactivate when steering levers are moved. The reinforced steel stamped cutting deck is made of heavy, flat-stock for maximum durability. It works best for larger yards due to the size and shape of the deck compared to the body of the mower.

As with the T150, it is also backed up by a 2-year limited warranty. Needed to replace a very old rear engine rider, so glad to find one still. The two pedal driving system – right for gas and left for brake – might take some getting used to if you’re new to it. The speed can be hard to finesse when going slow, although this model isn’t particularly fast, running at 3.7 mph or 3.1 mph in reverse. It can mow in reverse and cuts wet grass and weeds with little difficultly. Its 48V/50Ah battery lets you work for an hour and cover around an acre.

Husqvarna Yth24v48 24 Hp Yard Tractor, 48

This is equipped with ergonomic steering wheel controls and a high back seat which enables easier mowing in extended shifts. This is considered as one of the best riding lawn mowers for hills for its easy to operate features. Each of these features help to make the Weed Eater WE-ONE a great riding mower for the homeowner with a moderately sized lawn. It consistently provides good cutting performance, thanks in part to the deep cutting deck. This allows for better air circulation around the cutting blades for a more even, professional looking cut.

  • Imagine having all the power of a gas mower without having to deal with fumes, belts, spark plugs, or filters again.
  • The battery is also excellent and at its highest speed it can really take off.
  • Aside from the zero turn maneuverability, the gas-powered Z525 lawn tractor can also mow in reverse.
  • Working around trees and landscaping features is effortless with this model’s responsive steering and 18-inch turning radius.
  • Single cylinder engines are fine for smaller lawns, but twin engine cylinders provide better balance and power, resulting in a smoother cut.

The optimized steering offers easy transitions, mobility, and fully ergonomic design makes it truly comfortable for anyone using the seated mower to complete different tasks. The regent mower comes with a safety switch control to ensure the full safety of the user. All the parts used in the construction of the mower are fully standardized as well as of quality. Picking and choosing the right mower is not at all an easy job. Or you may even have to do a trial and error method for the same. To gauge run-time, we let the lawn around the shop get a little “furry”.

The tight 16-inch turning radius allows the mower to turn in a small range and tighter spaces. The 46-inch cutting deck is reinforced with an air induction mowing technology that most of the Husqvarna mowers have. The performance and style provide comfort with a cutting-edge design.

Buy a device that is backed with a reasonable warranty policy. If you have a very small lawn then you can go for a less powerful and smaller model. A reel lawnmower should be perfect for the job if your lawn is only of a few sq ft. For those with yards of ½ acre or slightly lesser, we would recommend a push mover.

Best Riding Mowers 2019: Ride

The driver’s seat is ergonomic, making it very comfortable to drive. It is one of those proven products you can opt without any apprehension. It can tackle medium sized yards with even terrain without any problem and the tank capacity of 1.3 gallons gives you freedom to cut more land without refueling. As we mentioned earlier, Husqvarna is one of the most respected names when it comes to mowers so here’s another one of theirs.

That’s the case for the Poulan Pro P46ZX, for example, which users levers in place of a steering wheel. The seat is positioned so that the levers are placed right where your hands naturally rest. And if you have bigger obstacles, it’s worth checking how easy it is to raise and lower the mowing deck. Not only will you be sure of a secure ride, you needn’t invest in a mower with a large engine.

So I was thinking of getting a ride on untill I could build up the type of customer base with large yards to justify a zero turn like a walker in say a year or two. Anyways my local dealer has these snapper brand rear engine rider mower reviews rear engine riders that come in a 28 or 33 inch cut size and are available with honda engines. This thing would be able to fit through the gates of all of my cleints and probably cut my mowing time in half.

rear engine rider mower reviews

It has a gas powered, Briggs & Stratton 875 OHV, 190cc engine with an electric key start. The engine supplies enough power for a top forward speed of 3.8 mph and a top reverse speed of 1.1 mph. Its gas tank holds a third of a gallon, enough for most medium sized lawn care jobs. It has a side discharge option for grass management, but there is also the option to purchase additional accessories for bagging or mulching. It has four height positions between 1.5 and 4 inches, and they are controlled by a single lever conveniently located within easy reach of the operator. The ZTR are designed to cut medium to large sized lawns with exceptional speeds and maneuverability.

Consumer Reports On Choosing Best Riding Lawn Mowers

That will mean that lower cost options will be just as capable of giving you good results. And will you need to navigate around features like flower beds, patios or garden ornaments? rear engine rider mower reviews And remember to consider the route between your garden and wherever you’re storing your mower. If you need to pass through any narrow gateways, a wide deck may be a problem.

Author: Kay Burton